September 23, 2005 | The Calm Before The Storm     
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Sunrise in Tulum, Mexico.

Houston is in a sort of stasis, we're all waiting to see where hurricane Rita goes. I was in the city for Allison in 2000, so at least I know how my neighborhood will react. Of course, Rita's an act of nature on an insanely stronger scale.

Still, it's very odd to drive through the familiar parts of town and see everything boarded up, taped down and sometimes even sheet metal shuttered. Nothing is open and very few people are on the local roads. As Charlie says, it really hits home when you realize the 24 hour Taco Bell is closed.

The Godwin house had a quick meeting last night since our house just missed being included into the evacuation areas. Charlie's going to brave the texodus traffic to Arkansas (although some people I know have turned back after 12 hours on the road with the millions of other evacuated people so who knows...there is no gas anywhere...), I'm staying in town with the fam (so is Shawn) and Chris is staying in the house. We all locked down what we needed to and took the important stuff.

So now, we're just waiting. Waiting to see if there is any truth to all the hype, to see how bad it's really going to be, and most of all just waiting to ride it out. Cell phone networks have been really sucky, so if anyone needs to contact me just text me.

Here's to seeing you guys on the dry side :)


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