June 14, 2004 | Gringo Dave's     
Holga 120S | Comments (2)    

Gringo Dave's, Tulum Zona Hotelera, Mexico + very slight crop.

Really good food, especially the Pulpo a la Espana and the Pulpo a la Mexicana (I've developed a really strong love for octopus, it seems...). It's one of those places where I think the chef gets really bored during the day and starts suggesting variations of the menu to customers just to keep himself entertained. He comes up with some really great seafood combos that your tummy will hug you for.

Another good place to eat in Tulum Pueblo is Paris de la Noche (French chef moves to Mexico and makes everything from buttery escargot to Pescado Tikin Xic). We're trying to replicate his beef in red wine with shallots. I'll let you know how that goes.


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